Home One Hangout #38: The Last Tangent

After too long of a break, the Home One Crew is back! On this episode, Mike and Matt drop some thoughts on the mid-season trailer for Star Wars Rebels. They discuss the air dates for the last episodes of the series and speculate on what may be in store. Then then begin to wonder when we might see a trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story since Ron Howard is not giving any clues. The boys then drool over the great news that John Williams will be scoring Episode IX and will compose a theme for Solo. In the Game Room Mike tries his best to give the latest updates for Galaxy of Heroes, and the news that a new game is coming, Star Wars: Rivals. In their discussion, they run down their hopes, worries, and theories on what to expect in Solo. Thank you guys so much for coming back and listening. You’re the best. May the Force be with you.


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