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April 13th, 2018    

Home One Hangout #21 Re-Release: Celebration Orlando Days 1 & 2

Hey there guys. So this re-released episode covered days one and two at Celebration Orlando. We didn't record after the first day because we decided to stay overnight at the convention center to try and get into the Last Jedi panel. We didn't make the cut, but the experience was pretty awesome just the same. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane, and thank you for listening.


April 12th, 2018    

Home One Hangout #20 Re-release: Day 0 at Celebration Orlando

Hello there fellow fans! It's been a year since Celebration Orlando and we still think about it. Just to celebrate (pun intended), we've decided to re-release the shows we recorded while there. They were some of our best episodes just because of the high we were riding on. In this first episode we run down what it is we were looking forward to over the next four dys. It was a blast. We hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening.

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May 1st, 2017    

Home One Hangout #23: Celebration Recap

Well, we're back from Celebration and we break down the last hours we spent there including some comments on the Last jedi teaser. We cover some light news and some video game info, as well as a great listener review. We recognize some Home One Homies that we got to meet at Celebration. Give us a listen and let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook.


April 15th, 2017    

Home One Hangout #21: Celebration Days 1 & 2

Boy are we tired. Hey guys. We've survived two days here at Celebration Orlando. You didn't get a show last night because we suddenly decided to spend the night in the queue hall for the Last Jedi panel. So this special episode will bring you up to speed on the last two days. We cover the panels that we've attended, what we've liked, and what we've seen. So listen in and let us know what you've enjoyed about Celebration, whether it's in Orlando or watching the live stream at home. You can get in touch with us on either Twitter or Facebook.


April 13th, 2017    

Home One Hangout #20: Celebration Day 0

Hey guys! We're here! We finally made it to Orlando and we're prepping for Celebration. We just wanted to say hi to everyone and talk about what we're stoked about for the next few days. Most of all, we want to meet you. So come find us and say hi. You can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.


March 11th, 2017    

Home One Hangout #18: Sorry We’re Late

Hey there fellow fans. I know, where have we been? We missed a show. We're sorry, but we're also back! This episode we cover some announcements about the up coming Celebration in Orlando as well as developments in Star Wars Rebels. And because of listener feedback, we've added a segment just to thank you, the listeners. So give us a listen and let us know what you think, or if you have suggestions for the show, you can get in touch through Facebook or Twitter. Thank you for listening.


February 4th, 2017    

Episode 15: New Aquisitions

Man is there a lot of great stuff to talk about. This is our news review episode and there's plenty to discuss. First, we talk about the best stuff in the latest Rebels episode, Trials of the Darksaber. Episode VIII has a new title, which is awesome. Rogue One is killing it at the box office. The new Thrawn novel has a synopsis, which is also awesome. EA has given up some new details on the sequel to Battlefront and Matt got a new toy. Let us know what you think and get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.


January 8th, 2017    

Episode 12- To Us She’s Royalty

We lost a hero, a princess, and a real person when Carried Fisher left this world. This episode we pay tribute to her, as well as all the Star Wars stars we lost in the past year. We go light on the news since we're still riding the high of Rogue One, so we have a free-for-all discussion about whatever we feel like.

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July 23rd, 2016    

Episode 1: No One Saw the Spider Butt Coming

Our very first episode! Welcome one and all and thank you for your support. It's been a long haul getting this here, but we made it. This episode Mike and Matt dive into a discussion and review of Star Wars Celebration Europe. The panels and reveals were amazing. From Rogue One, to Rebels, to video games, it was a Celebration to remember.


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