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May 21st, 2017    

Home One Hangout #25: A Trifecta of Fans

Hey there fellow fans. This episode we managed to fill the third seat again with our buddy Ryan for a great episode. Firstly, we surpassed 1,000 downloads! It's all thanks to you guys for listening and supporting us. So Thank you so much!! We go over the glimpse of Kylo's fighter from The Last Jedi that has made some rounds on the internet, as well as a sweet new Nerf gun on the horizon. I won't say what it is here, but just get ready to get your Fett game on. We turn our New Aquisitions section into the Gameroom with Galaxy of Heroes. And, we read a new iTunes review from a great fellow podcaster. It was a fun episode with a lot of laughs. We hope you enjoy. Reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook.


May 13th, 2017    

Legends of Home One Hangout #4: Splinter of The Mind’s Eye Review

We're back again with more from the Legends Universe. Believe me, this one's a winner. Matt decided to subject himself read Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Basically this was the first book with a story that took place outside of the movies. While definitely a product of the times, Matt covers it's pros and glaring cons. Sit back and enjoy. Let us know what you think of the book if you've read it. You can reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook.


May 9th, 2017    

Home One Hangout #24: A New Voice

Hello fellow fans, and welcome back to Home One Hangout. In this episode, there is a drastic change. Co-host Matt has vanished! Ok, not really, but he wasn't able to make it on the show. Luckily, we had an apprentice waiting in the wings, and our good friend Chuckles (aka Ryan) filled in quite nicely. He and Mike cover some light news about some named charcters of the upcoming Han Solo film. They also cover a great interview given by Rian Johnson explaining how he got JJ Abrams to change the ending of Force Awakens. We also announce our new blog. Great things are coming. It was a seriously fun time and we hope you enjoy. You can let us know what you think of the show by reaching out to us on Twitter or Facebook.


May 1st, 2017    

Home One Hangout #23: Celebration Recap

Well, we're back from Celebration and we break down the last hours we spent there including some comments on the Last jedi teaser. We cover some light news and some video game info, as well as a great listener review. We recognize some Home One Homies that we got to meet at Celebration. Give us a listen and let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook.


April 21st, 2017    

Legends of Home One Hangout #3: Quinlan Vos Part 1

We've made our way back to Legends. This episode Matt covers a Jedi with a devoted fan following: Quinlan Vos. Vos quickly became a fan favorite and with every appearance, his popularity grew. Matt dives into his first in-depth story from the comics. So enjoy and let us know if you enjoyed Vos back in the day. You can reach us on Facebook or Twitter.


April 16th, 2017    

Home One Hangout #22: Celebration Day 3

It was a busy day today. Some of us got to some great panels. Some of us did not. But great times were had all around. We welcome back Larry as our special guest co-host. He runs through the Rebels Panel for us as well as the Battlefront II Panel. Let us know wat you think by contacting us on Twitter or Facebook.


April 15th, 2017    

Home One Hangout #21: Celebration Days 1 & 2

Boy are we tired. Hey guys. We've survived two days here at Celebration Orlando. You didn't get a show last night because we suddenly decided to spend the night in the queue hall for the Last Jedi panel. So this special episode will bring you up to speed on the last two days. We cover the panels that we've attended, what we've liked, and what we've seen. So listen in and let us know what you've enjoyed about Celebration, whether it's in Orlando or watching the live stream at home. You can get in touch with us on either Twitter or Facebook.


April 13th, 2017    

Home One Hangout #20: Celebration Day 0

Hey guys! We're here! We finally made it to Orlando and we're prepping for Celebration. We just wanted to say hi to everyone and talk about what we're stoked about for the next few days. Most of all, we want to meet you. So come find us and say hi. You can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.


April 1st, 2017    

Home One Crew Lounge #3- Qui-Notgone Jinn

Welcome back into the crew lounge where we can just chill out and chat. This time around we grapple an interesting subject: What would it have been like in the Star Wars galaxy if Jedi Master Qui-gon Jinn had survived his fight with Darth Maul? We think some serious things may have changed, so this was a fun discussion to have. Let us know what you think? What would have been different if Qui-gon had made it off of Naboo. You can tell us on Twitter or Facebook. We also name two Home One Homies this episode. The excellent crew (Phil & Sophie) of the Star Wars podcast Bright Tree Radio. We also name Diana Davidsson, an amazing artist, as Home One Homegirl.


March 25th, 2017    

Home One Hangout #19: Twin Puffer Pigs

Hey there fellow fans. We're back on schedule with the news this week. We rundown the latest episodes of Rebels, including the awesome yet polarizing Twin Suns. We get a little spoilery with some Last Jedi reveals. And, we discuss a question from one of our listeners. In other news, we have t-shirts!! If you'd like to support the show you can check out the first of our designs here. Thank you, as always, for listening and your support. If you have questions or comments you can reach us on Twitter or Facebook.


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