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Home One Hangout is a series of Star Wars news and discussion podcasts.

October 13th, 2017    

Home One Hangout #34: TLJ Trailer Talk

Hello there fellow fans. On this episode of Home One Hangout Mike and Chuckles breakdown the much anticipated The Last Jedi trailer. While there’s a limitless amount of stuff to talk about, they try and narrow it down as best they can. Chuckles runs down some of the latest gaming news, including the Battlefront II beta and Galaxy of Heroes updates. We also read a couple of great reviews we received from our awesome listeners. Thank you so much for listening, and may the Force be with you.


October 9th, 2017    

Home One Crew Lounge #9: Rebels Season 4 Hopes

Hello there fellow fans. We know you’re all gearing up for the release of the trailer for The Last Jedi so we decided to give you something to listen to while you wait. Mike and Matt hang in the Crew Lounge to discuss their hopes and expectations for the final season of Star Wars Rebels. Where are Kannan and Ezra going? What’s happening to Sabine and Mandalore? There’s so much we hope to see. We hope you enjoy the show and are just as excited as us. Thank you for listening and may the force be with you.


September 5th, 2017    

Home One Crew Lounge #8: The Highs and Lows of the Eras of Star Wars

Hello there fellow fans. Welcome back to the Crew Lounge. On this episode we explore what we feel are the highs and lows of the three eras of Star Wars: The Original, Prequel, and Sequel Trilogy Eras. We get into the films, books, video games, and other content that has been released over the last forty years and discuss what was gold, and what may have been less so. We hope you enjoy. Please, let us know what you think. What shined, in your opinion, in the three eras of Star Wars? We’d love to hear from you on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening and may the Force be with you.


August 4th, 2017    

Home One Hangout #29: A Week Late & An Episode Short

Hello there fellow fans. Our summer schedules are kicking our butts, so we've been less than on top of getting these shows out to you. But here we are again. Thie episode, we discuss the reveals from D23 and San Diego Comic Con. We haven't had a chance to talk about the stuff since it was released, so we do so in detail. We also discuss why we don't see "Making of..." books anymnore. It's like they're gone, along with J W Rinzler's blog who had some things to say about Star Wars. We hope you enjoy. If you hve questions or comments, let us know by reahing us on Twitter or Facebook.


July 24th, 2017    

Home One Crew Lounge #7- Empire vs First Order

Hello there fellow fans. On this fun episode we debate a question that became more serious than we realized: Who is the more formidable foe, the Galactic Empire or the First Order? While minds may have been made up already, that quickly changes as the conversation evolves. Chuckles and Mike, (and Matt by proxy), hash out the sinister details of each galaxy dominating machine. Who do you think is the tougher bad guy? Let us know by reaching out to us on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you for listening, and may the Force be with you.hh


July 2nd, 2017    

Home One Hangout #27: A Solo Director

Hey there fellow fans. We took a week off due to schedule conflicts, but now we're back. A lot has happened since we were last here. The Han Solo film had a directorial mix up, Battlefront II dropped a huge trailer, and Forces of Destiny had an amazing teaser drop. We cover it all as well name some new Home One Homies. About time, right? So we hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think by catching us on Facebook or Twitter.


June 20th, 2017    

Home One Crew Lounge #6- The Listeners Strike Back

Hello there fellow fans. Due to some a snafu, we cancelled our regularly scheduled episode of Home Oen Hangout. Instead, we've brought you a very special episode of Crew Lounge. This time around we asked the listeners what we should talk about, and you answered. From what EU characters we want to see brought back into canon to the eternal battle between Star Wars and Star Trek fans. It was a great show, all because of you. So thank you, and we hope you enjoy. Reach out to us with your questions and thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.


June 12th, 2017    

Home One Crew Lounge #5- Future Content Wishes.

Hello there fellow fans and welcome back to the Crew Lounge. In the spirit of our last show where we discussed our hopes for The Last Jedi, this time we talk about what we would like to see as future content. TV shows, video games, movies. What do we wish Lucasfilm would bring us? Listen in and find out. Also, get involved in the discussion. Have a game you want made or a show to be filmed, let us know. You can reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for listening, and may the Force be with you.


June 5th, 2017    

Home One Hangout #26: Vanity Fair Amount of Stuff

Hey there fellow fans. In this epiode we breakdown the photo shoot for The Last Jedi featured in Vanity Fair. Needless to say, it was another home run by the magazine and it gives us some great details about the upcoming movie. We also give our thoughts on James Arnold Taylor's newest project. Plus, we have an impromptu Crew Lounge when the subject of clones comes up. We had fun and hoipe you do too. Please reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.


May 21st, 2017    

Home One Hangout #25: A Trifecta of Fans

Hey there fellow fans. This episode we managed to fill the third seat again with our buddy Ryan for a great episode. Firstly, we surpassed 1,000 downloads! It's all thanks to you guys for listening and supporting us. So Thank you so much!! We go over the glimpse of Kylo's fighter from The Last Jedi that has made some rounds on the internet, as well as a sweet new Nerf gun on the horizon. I won't say what it is here, but just get ready to get your Fett game on. We turn our New Aquisitions section into the Gameroom with Galaxy of Heroes. And, we read a new iTunes review from a great fellow podcaster. It was a fun episode with a lot of laughs. We hope you enjoy. Reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook.


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